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Unlike others, with limited expectations about the impact of technology, who dream of going back to the glorious days of ERP or MRP systems, and order-based solutions, my core belief and experience, is that operational excellence comes from the introduction of new technologies, and applying them now to get on the learning curve before anyone else, and not in a distant future. We can become more agile, compress order-to-cash lead-times, and re-invent how to deliver products and services. Thus creating very new sources of competitive advantage for our customers.

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Like the German industry is proving  most recently with Industry 4.0, I firmly believe that digitization, robotics, and the Internet of Things, will help us leverage the continuous data-stream from the internet, and transform the manufacturing base with new and more flexible technologies, aiming at making production planning more responsive to forecasted market changes and customer preferences.

The opportunities are unlimited. And it is the task of supply chain consultants to help companies upgrade their supply chains, introducing these new technologies, and fundamentally redefine how our supply chain and businesses operate, not with the narrow mindset of cost control, inventory reduction and efficiency gains, but rather with the ambitious goal of redefining the value equation in each industry, with a continuous eye on tangible outcomes for the customers.

The value provided to companies, is radical redesign of the processes of your company, putting the customer at the centre, and providing them a totally new level of experiences and satisfaction, contributing to better margins and increased revenue.

It will make your business:

  • Cheaper
  • Faster
  • More Value add

The enablers are methodologies supported by data, to redesign physical supply chain networks, and digitize the underlying processes. In today’s world, what happens in the information world, is more important than the physical product flow. Wise use of technologies can overcome any dysfunctional supply chain and help a company operate at its maximum capabilities.

The supply chain innovation is introduced by making the supply chain more customer-driven, and the business more customer-centric. These are not empty words but efforts to redesign processes providing a maximum of value to each customer, and redefining the meaning of operational excellence. Segmentation, predictive analytics and value chain orchestration are at the core of this revolution.

The operational excellence results from strategic alignment and process integration, across silos and aligning objectives and business priorities, based on customer-driven insights, across the extended supply chain, breaking walls inside and across organizations, divisions and companies, give a direct operational benefit and a step change in supply chain performance.

Powered by this vision of transforming the actors of the supply chain, into a collaborative value network, where any node can add value to the overall community, and being rewarded accordingly, supported by Industry 4.0 technologies, we can provide customers with that so much desired instant gratification, the internet and companies like Amazon have started to make a standard expectation of the new customer.

The bonus is that this customer-driven revolution also significantly improves the companies top-and bottomline performance.

That is why it is important you join this Customer-led SC revolution.  Upgrade your supply chain or become less relevant, the choice is yours.

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